Python Developer

Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) is a private equity-backed family of companies headquartered in Irvine, California. They provide comprehensive management of mental/behavioural health and offer employee assistance programs (EAP).

Python Developer
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Вакансии от IT рекрутингового агентства INDIGO

They help people:

  1. Retain and improve their mental health.
  2. Take care of their families, pets, legal and financial issues, etc.

Unique opportunity:

  1. They are pushing to become a technology-first company focused on digital health, data engineering, clinical data science, and AI to define the state of the art in mental/behavioural health.
  2. You get to shape this vision and build things from scratch (no tedious support/legacy projects).


  1. Headquartered in Irvine, California, they have been around for 32 years and are highly profitable. The benefits are offered to 10M lives across the US through our network of 60K medical professionals.
  2. The company is led by a seasoned executive team. CTO has a Stanford PhD, previously led technology at 3 other companies and has a $4B exit (Rally Health) and Time’s 50 Best Sites under his belt

What you will do:

  1. You will be one of the founding engineers of a new company product.
  2. You will wear a product hat to ideate and iterate on features, design reliable and scalable RESTful web services, write clean code in Python, automate end-to-end test cases, and ensure that your services work well on our AWS infrastructure.
  3. You will follow development best practices including architecture review, (virtual) whiteboarding, code review, test coverage, etc.
  4. You will take initiatives to improve the resilience and security of your components and drive projects end to end.

Who you are:

  1. You have experience building production-grade systems in a team environment.
  2. You have a product mindset, and you enjoy creating value and delighting your users.
  3. You obsess about simple architectures and designing reliable and scalable systems.
  4. You write clean, readable code in Python. If you also have Javascript / React experience, great! -- but this is not the expectation.
  5. You have a deep understanding of how the web works and love designing beautiful APIs that make life easy for your consumers.
  6. You have a command of SQL and love modelling data
  7. You know enough of / want to know about AWS infrastructure to be able to monitor and ensure your services are healthy and happy on production
  8. Most importantly, you are self-driven, well organized, curious, tenacious, and communicate effectively. You ask a lot of questions, dig deep, and come up with creative reliable solutions and execute repeatably with a great sense of ownership and accountability.

Employment conditions:

  1. Registration - individual entrepreneur or payments to a bank account, Payoneer card, as it is convenient for the candidate.
  2. Vacation - 20 working days, sick leave is not limited.
  3. Technique - they plan to give laptops, but so far they are working on their technique.
  4. There are no time trackers.
  5. Completely remote.
  6. There are 4 people in Kyiv now, and 4 more in Ukraine. Perhaps, if the team in Kyiv grows and the guys want to, they will open a mini office for coworking (now there is a budget for work from coworking).
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