Senior Javascript Framework Engineer

Confiant protects publishers'​ and platforms'​ reputations, revenue, and resources with always-on anti-malware software that provides protection for desktop, mobile, and video ads. Our sole focus is on helping advertising platforms and publishers rid the world of malware. This focus enables us to evolve quickly and meet our clients'​ needs for defeating the bad actors trying to undermine the industry.

Senior Javascript Framework Engineer
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Английский : Upper-intermediate

Confiant is one of the most successful company in the field of Advertising and Cybersecurity.It has signed the deal with Google, works with Microsoft & Amazon.

Location: Remote.

Team: 50 people in general, 5 in Ukraine.

2 week sprints. Daily short meetings after 4pm Kyiv time.


  • Designing, developing and maintaining Confiant integrations with other major players (Google, Amazon, Microsoft); 
  • Designing and developing our real time blocking malvertising JS integration;
  • Refactoring, improving and testing an existing legacy Javascript/Typescript framework.


  • 5+ years of commercial Software Development experience;
  • Experience in at least one of the following: ad tech frameworks (Google, Prebid.js, AppNexus, ZandR), content monetization frameworks, malvertising detection;
  • Experience in developing low latency pure Javascript frameworks/SDKs;
  • Experience in debugging production level bugs;
  • Keen understanding of BDD/TDD (behavior/test) driven development; 
  • Some experience in Devops position (AWS, Edge Servers, CDN, Caching controls);
  • Ability to work collaboratively in teams and develop meaningful relationships to achieve common goals;
  • Experience with various JavaScript frameworks and build tools: Express, Webpack, Node.js, Grunt etc. Experience with Git version control system; 
  • Understanding of web standards and specifications, such as HTML5, ECMAScript, TypeScript, CSS, etc. 
  • Understanding of core JavaScript paradigms, such as prototypal inheritance, functional mixins, etc. 
  • Familiarity with various programming paradigms, such as event-driven, reactive-functional, etc. 


  • Stock Option Plan;
  • Health Care Plan;
  • Enhanced and Extended Family Leave;
  • Unlimited Paid Time Off;
  • Sabbatical;
  • Flexible Working Hours;
  • Fully Remote & Distributed;
  • Competitive Salary;
  • Joining an existing Ukrainian team.

Selection process:

  1. Interview with a Recruiter (30 min);
  2. Technical interview;
  3. Cultural fit interview;
  4. Overall discussion of the role and company.
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